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Dr Hesse’s environmental policy

At Dr Hesse, we attentively observe the safety, health and environmental policies of our company. They are essential parts of the development of our formulations, make-ups of baths and the operation of the processes.

We realize our safety, health and environmental policies by developing environmentally friendly products and processes. Environment protection is one of the biggest challenges in the production of electroplating chemicals.

However, our products and processes meet the challenges.
Whether we produce pre or post treatment products, active baths, electrolytic systems or electroless processes – ecological aspects are relevant to all our processes.
Therefore, we have included the aspects of the DIN 14001 in our quality management system.

At Dr Hesse, we tackle the necessary environmental protection measures even when they are not required by law. Among the measures required by law are the protection of water quality, immission control, the transport of dangerous goods or the environmentally sound disposal of residues and waste.

All these areas are part of our quality management system which includes external monitoring as well as internal controls.