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Research & development

Continuous innovation is Dr. Hesse's driving force to always be able to offer our customers optimal and the most recent technical solutions.

The development and continuous further developments of eco-friendly and technologically highly developed processes has utmost priority in our R&D department. This is on the one hand for meeting the legal regulations which continuously change and on the other hand for considering the aspects such as environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Next to requirements of the legislation, what is the relevant drive for innovations? The decisive impulse comes from the market. Especially our customers’ demand for technologically highly developed processes and individual solutions. We meet these demands with our team of professional and experienced scientists and technicians in our development.

Exactly at the meeting point between technologically demanding and environmentally sound processes our research and development work starts. It is necessary to keep an eye on both aspects in order to find innovative and also customer-oriented solutions.

Our objective: To sustainably position DR. HESSE GMBH & CIE. KG as an innovative special supplier for corrosion systems, wear protection systems and decorative electroplating processes. A supplier who provides the customers with major advantages to compete in the market.