Our products create the future


With our emphasis on safety, health and environment protection, we are aware of our responsibility, and we also see our obligatoin towards our customers, staff, proprietors and neighbours.

Quality does not ask for unflexible standards but for a dynamic concept, which next to product quality also includes fields like process quality, environment and occupational safety. Thereby the focus is equally directed on sections like production, safety, health, environment protection as well as on the qualification of the staff. Naturally, we also have a contemporary quality management system which complies with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and which also contains the aspects of the DIN EN ISO 14001. However, we do not understand quality as a once reached standard only but as a permanent review process as well as a process of improvement.

Our company policy with regard to action and creativity leads to a dynamic approach of our business and the corresponding environment. We strive for a high and permanent satisfaction for our customers, proprietors, suppliers and staff.

Each staffer of company DR. HESSE GMBH & CIE. KG sees himself as part of a consequent quality policy and, therefore, works with great commitment ...

  • ... at the analysis of all relevant company processes 
  • ... at the continuous optimisation of the process quality 
  • ... at a product quality of 100% according to the customer requirements
  • ... at the observation of all legal and environmentally relevant specifications 
  • ... at the optimal quality assurance by permanent product controls
  • ... at the prompt and unbeaurocratic handling of special requests made by our customers