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Pickles, activations (Selection)

Pickling degreaser AGGRESSID CIC

  • Pickling accelerator with incorporated inhibitor
  • Maximum product safety
  • Suitable for low exposure times

Pickling degreaser AGGRESSID PD 

  • Two-part system 
  • Pickling degreaser with hydrophobic properties 
  • Pickling accelerator, tenside-free 
  • Highly suitable for the removal of particles

Pickling degreaser AGGRESSID NH 

  • Contains pickling accelerator (e.g. for the removal of oil carbon) 
  • Especially for HCl pickles

Pickling degreaser AGGRESSID H 

  • Universal pickling degreaser for HCl pickles 
  • High cleaning effect

Pickling degreaser AGGRESSID WA 

  • (Special product) for sulphuric acid pickles and phosphoric acid pickles 
  • For high working temperatures

Inhibitor HP 

  • Highly efficient pickling inhibitor 
  • Especially for HCl pickles 
  • Measurably increases the value of inhibition of HCl pickles

Acid dipping salt K 

  • Contains fluoride 
  • Best activation properties 
  • Especially for non-ferrous metals/alloys and all lead-containing materials

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