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Nickel (Selection)

SUPRAGAL High-efficiency bright nickel processes


  • For rack applications 
  • Low formation of undesirable decomposition products 
  • Easy handling 
  • Individually adjustable with regard to brightness and levelling
  • Very good brightness throwing power 
  • Excellent ductility 
  • Very light nickel deposition 
  • Can be easily chrome-plated


  • Especially for bulk cargo 
  • Very light nickel deposition 
  • Low concentration of organics 
  • Very well suitable for recycling processes (rinse water refeeding)
  • Even thin layers offer high brightness 
  • Good ductility


  • Especially for bulk cargo 
  • Low consumption 
  • Very good metal distribution

Nickel-plating process Nickel bath HM for belt conveyor system 

  • Special process for belt conveyor plants 
  • Suitable for very high current densities 
  • Very ductile deposition

Semi-bright nickel process OMEGA SUPER 

  • Tension-free layer
  • Ductile deposition 
  • Sulphur-II-free
  • STEP according to standards adjustable 
  • Easy handling (because of only one brightening combination) 
  • Resistant against foreign metal contaminations

Matt nickel process SUPRAMATT 

  • Produces a uniformly matt, fine-grained coating 
  • "White" nickel deposition 
  • Long service life 
  • Stable and easy bath conduct

Microporous nickel HESSOPORE XL 

  • Low consumption of brightener 
  • Easy handling 
  • "Pore count" according to the automotive standards

High sulphur nickel OMEGA HS

  • high sulphur process
  • intermediate layer in nickel-plating process
  • for an improved corrosion protection

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