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Climate protection

As a globally acting company we want to support the worldwide activities to reduce the global warming. Here a strong focus has to be on the worldwide reduction of the CO2 emissions.
In order to master this complex topic, we took part successfully in the project myccf, which was supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.
The aim of the project was the determination of the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and with this data to build the measurable basis for the improvement of the CCF.
Since the Greenhouse Gas Protocol is an international standard, it served as a basis of the development of the CCF.
The CCF means the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which are directly and indirectly caused by a company. The greenhouse gases (for example CO2, CH4) cause global warming and the climate changes resulting from this. 
We have elaborated the CCF of Dr. Hesse to have a basis for our reduction scopes. In this process, we have identified and evaluated the CO2–relevant processes. As a result, we have set the following company-specific climate protection scope: the reduction of the relative CO2 emissions by 20% until 2025 (in relation to the base year 2013).
Modifying our energy policy and changing our primary energy carrier attain our ambitious goals regarding the CO2-footprint already in 2017 which are 8 years earlier than expected! Thus our environment already profits from a reduction of more than 20% CO2 per produced ton of our products. And this process is ongoing.