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Decorative surfaces

Dr. Hesse supplies you with reliable processes for decorative electroplating of base materials made from plastics or metal. Our processes produce decorative surfaces on parts that are applied in various fields: sanitary facilities, automotive engineering, coins, jewelry, furniture, lamps and decoration of various items.

PRIMUS EX-200 is Dr. Hesse’s single-component acid copper process that produces maximally bright copper deposits with very good levelling and excellent throwing power.

Our bright nickel processes SUPRAGAL produce coatings with highest brightness and very good levelling. SUPRAMATT, the matt nickel bath, meets special decorative requirements for silky-matt layers. All nickel layers can be chrome-plated easily. Both hexavalent and trivalent chrome processes can be applied.

Dr. Hesse’s processes allow you to produce multiple nickel layers which meet the respective requirements (for example automotive) and observe the specification.  For these, we supply you with the different nickel electrolyte types: the semi-bright bath OMEGA SUPER, the microporous nickel bath HESSOPORE XL and the high sulphur nickel process OMEGA HS.

The bright chrome bath HESSOCHROM combines very good throwing power with easy handling.

As an alternative to chromium (VI), we offer the trivalent chrome process HESSOTRICHROM.

The bright silver process and AURIQUICK for gold coatings complete Dr. Hesse’s offer of processes for decorative surfaces.