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Information for clients and interested parties to REACH

The European REACH legislation has been launched in 2007. Its target is to ensure highest possible protection for the human health and the environment. As a chemistry supplier and producer for surface technologies we admit this responsibility, even without legal pressure.  

Our research and development has a strong focus on creating innovative products which are competitive in the market. Due to this philosophy we try to substitute hazardous products by environmentally friendly substances.  

The REACH legislation defines new formalities for handling chemicals. Significant requirements are listed here:  

Registration - identified uses
All relevant REACH substances in our products are registered, if necessary, by our suppliers or us. Our terms of purchase require these mandatory formalities.  

The “identified uses” of the used substances have been announced to our suppliers to ensure the registration process. This guarantees the “identified uses” for our clients and for ourselves.  

The "identified uses" you will find here.

Safety Data Sheet - SVHC - authorization
The safety data sheets of our products are compliant with the REACH guidelines. The registration numbers are added to our safety data sheets as soon as they have been submitted by our suppliers. 

In our safety data sheet you will find under section 3 “composition/ information on ingredients” the information if the ingredients are named in the SVHC-list or in Annex XIV (authorization list), announcing the legal limit of concentration.  

As an active member of the German Chemistry Supplier Association (ZVO) we see through the whole REACH process with special focus on assimilation of substances for surface treatment into the annex XIV of the REACH approval procedure. 

Thus we continue being a reliable partner for you.