Our products create the future


Service as well as flexibility are our basic principles of thinking and acting. For you and your profitability this entails the best available support.  

With respect to your demands we make available to you our team of experts at your production site to work out precise solutions for your specific requirements.  

Besides this we support you in optimising your production, we offer reliable measurement methods and train your workforce on demand.  

Our analytical skills are one of our core competences and you can participate in it. We have been leading in HPLC-analysis for many years. Our laboratories are well equipped with MSQ detectors for HPLC and IC analyses. This allows us to develop customer-orientated and tailor-made processes.  

In addition to this we have completed our skills in material sciences. This includes all major testing methods: 

  • salt spray tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • digital microscopy
  • humidity and temperature cycle test
  • emission spectroscopy
  • IR and UV/VIS spectrometry
  • measurement of density and viscosity
  • torque and tension measurement at our test machine for threaded components.  

We also cooperate with universities and research institutes to carry out investigations and to use methods which are not available in-house or to submit accredited laboratory and test reports from neutral sources to you. This allows us to fulfil local and international customer requirements and it means that we are always ready to offer our customers the best package of processes and services.