Our products create the future

Pretreatment of plastics


  • complete series of pretreatment processes for the plating of plastics
  • very economic and efficient processes for the plating of ABS and ABS / PC

HESSOPLAST PF (pre - cleaning and pickling)

  • PFOS-free wetting agent
  • developed for the pre - cleaning of plastic parts
  • applicable in pickling solutions

HESSOPLAST R (reduction)

  • free from sodium bi- / di-sulfites
  • no unpleasant odour
  • very good compatibility with our activator

HESSOPLAST AK (activator for 1 and 2K parts)

  • highly effective activator for one and multi-component parts
  • excellent stability although with very low tin contents of less than 2 g/L

HESSOPLAST BS (accelerator for 1K parts)

  • fluoride – free  accelerator for 1K parts
  • independent of the immersion time no Pd removals

HESSOPLAST BS-200 (accelerator for multi-component parts)

  • fluoride – free  accelerator for  multi-component parts
  • optimized for our HESSONIC PL-AF (ammonia – free electroless Ni –system)

HESSONIC PL-AF (ammonia – free electroless Nickel process)

  • ammonia – free electroless Nickel process
  • very high stability
  • very broad pH- and temperature operating range
  • even suitable for immersion times of more than 6 minutes
  • based on our thoroughly chosen combination there are no negative effects from the drag-in of HESSOPLAST BS-200

HESSOPLAST PC (immersion copper)

  • immersion copper for the electroless Nickel layer to achieve an improvement of the conductivity

Reduction of the risks of not-plated areas as well as of blow-off due to current flow