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Zinc (Selection)

ZINKOR RGV-PG - alkaline zinc process 

  • Outstanding brightness over the entire current density area 
  • Very good, adjustable metal distribution 
  • High deposition rate 
  • Excellent brightness throwing power

ZINKOR RGV-D - alkaline zinc process 

  • Special process for subsequent shaping 
  • Very good adhesion 
  • Suitable for the zinc-plating of long articles

ZINKOR RT matt - alkaline zinc process 

  • Adjustable satin-matt optics 
  • Very good metal distribution 
  • High deposition rates

LUNACID AT 100 - acid zinc process

  • High-efficiency zinc bath for rack and barrel applications
  • Very good to passivate
  • Uniform brightness even on large-scaled parts

LUNACID RST-ZS - acid zinc process 

  • Does not contain any chlorinated aromatic brighteners (AOX) 
  • Constantly high cloud point due to usage of state-of-the-art wetting agents 
  • Outstanding brightness 
  • Low consumptions of additives 
  • Excellent brightness throwing power

Zinc alloys

ZINKOR Ni14 B - zinc-nickel process 

  • Permanent high degree of efficiency 
  • Extremely low formation of decomposition products 
  • Reduced formation of cyanide - thus it is possible to have permanent low nickel concentrations within the electrolyte 
  • Very good metal distribution while nickel content remains constant

 LUNACID Ni14 BF - boric acid-free, acid zinc-nickel process 

  • Good metal distribution while nickel content is stable 
  • Uniform optics over the complete current density area 
  • Low sensitivity to burnings 
  • Easy waste water treatment  

ZINKOR FE-B - zinc-iron process 

  • It is easy to regulate the system 
  • Constant iron content of between 0.4 and 0.8% 
  • It can be very well passivated with thick layer passivation or black passivation

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